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The Obersulzbachtal and the Berndlalm surrounding area offer endless hiking opportunities with fantastic vantage points, idyllic mountain streams and lakes as well as a variety of alpine flowers.

We have compiled a small selection of the most exciting tours to stir your hiking interest.


The starting point is Hopffeldboden car park. Take the path towards Berndlalm until shortly before the Gstreifbrücke, where you should turn right onto path no. 41. Descent from the Seebachsee in front of the Seebachalm, turn right towards Poschalm – Berndlalm – Hopffeldboden. Walking time: Hopffeldboden – Seebachsee approx. 3.5 hours, Total walking time is approx. 6 hours


The starting point is Hopffeldboden car park – Berndlalm – Poschalm - turn right onto path no. 41 – after crossing the Obersulzbach on the west bank, head down into the valley to the forest – follow the trail to the Foisbach, from there the path leads south of the stream and up through the forest. Walking time: Hopffeldboden – Foiskarsee approx. 3.5 hours, total walking time approx. 5.5 hours


Starting point at Hopffeldboden car park; reach Berndlalm on foot or by taxi. After about 150 meters turn left, climb to the Bettlerscharte (sign: Finkalm). The Bettlerscharte (highest point of the tour) can be reached after 2 hours from Berndlalm. Descent to the Finkalm in the Untersulzbach valley – back to Neukirchen through the Untersulzbach valley.

Küsinger Hütte

The starting point is at Hopffeldboden car park; by taxi or on foot (walking time approx. 3.5 hours) through the Obersulzbach valley to the material ropeway of Kürsinger Hütte. Then, take either the "normal path" or the Kürsingersteig (via ferrata) to Kürsinger Hütte. Walking time from the material ropeway to Kürsinger Hütte: approx. 2 hours

Obersulzbachtal glacier trail

in the Obersulzbachkees forefield. The starting point is the material ropeway of Kürsinger Hütte. The educational trail opens up an impressive section of the Obersulzbachkees in the glacier forefield, offering insight into its development from the Ice Age to the present day. A natural history guide published by the Alpine Club conveys the interesting facts of the three-kilometre-long educational trail. Walking time: approx. 3 hours

Grossvenediger summit tour 3.657 m

Two-day glacier tour with overnight stay at Kürsinger Hütte, for which you should definitely hire a mountain guide. As expected, the ascent offers breath-taking scenery. Early in the morning, we head towards the glacier entry point and walk past mighty crevasses towards the Venedigerscharte. The last meters to the summit run over a breezy snow ridge. Good physical condition and not being afraid of heights are a must.

Keeskogel summit tour 3.291 m

Get to Kürsinger Hütte as explained above (Kürsinger Hütte tour), normal ascent from Kürsinger Hütte approx. 1.5 to 2 hours. Impressive views of the north side of the Großvenediger, or of the main Tauern ridge and the glacier landscape of the Ober- and Untersulzbachkees.

Schlieferspitze summit tour 3.290 m

The starting point is Postalm in Obersulzbachtal. Follow the freight path in the valley to the upper Keesboden (1900m). There, branch off to the Schlieferrinne and ascend along it. Follow the extensive slopes along the rocky ridge to the Scharte south of the summit (Schidepot). The ridge with easy, but partly exposed climbing sections finally leads to the summit. Walking time: approx. 4.5 hours

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